Fun & Free Reading Program
for High School

New Auto-graded Writing Tasks
Prepare students for college and careers and enhance instruction with adaptive and authentic reading practice, engaging teacher-led lessons, writing tasks, auto-grading, and real-time feedback.  

We support you with ongoing reading and writing practice and assessment!

Reading Practice

Adaptive and differentiated online reading practice that meets your students where they are, motivating them to grow.

Writing Practice

Weekly writing practice so students can rehearse essential writing standards and skills. Writing is auto-graded with instant feedback.

Teacher-Driven Lessons

Highly engaging lessons with step-by-step learning routines that explicitly teach reading, speaking, and writing standards and skills.

Reading Assessments

Embedded reading assessments ensure you don't lose valuable instructional time to long tests while getting real-time reading data.

Writing Assessments

Common assessments for your professional team 2-3 times a year. Start with a baseline assessment to see what your students know and can do.

Literacy Teacher Guides

60 reading, speaking, and writing routines that enhance instruction, teach students how to read and write independently with confidence.

Quest Reading Universe Includes...

Practice Reading More

We offer ongoing reading opportunities that enrich literacy instruction and foster the growth of strategic readers.

With Reading Practice, you can...

  • Meet all students were they are with adaptive and differentiated reading practice. Personalized lessons promote confidence and help students grow.
  • Enhance explicit, skill-based literacy instruction by auto-grading close reading practice. Students mark the text and identify text evidence, and we grade it for you!
  • Expose students to various topics and perspectives, deepening their knowledge of critical content and subject-specific vocabulary. 
  • Strategically support all students with reading scaffolds that respond to individual student's needs, leading to greater confidence.

How it works:

Students can take up to three reading practices each week. That is over 70 practices a year. That means students are reading 70 more articles, practicing close reading 70 times with over 700 questions, and reading 100,000 more words each year. Students who complete more than 60 reading practices grow 1.5 reading grade levels on average.
Ink Writing Universe Includes...

Practice Writing More

Elevate writing proficiency with our Ink Writing Universe. Reclaim your weekends and evenings with our cutting-edge auto-grader, capable of assessing 13 writing standards in just 40 seconds. Say goodbye to shuttling stacks of student papers to and from your home. Let us streamline the grading process, freeing you to concentrate on crafting and guiding writing instruction in the classroom.

With Writing Practice, you can...
  • Assign more writing each grading period.
  • Rehearse essential writing skills like claims, evidence, and integrating sources.
  • Reinforce a transferable writing process that students can use in college.
  • Engage students in Peer Review so they can learn how to improve the overall quality of student writing through collaborative writing workshops.
  • Deliver instant, friendly, and personalized feedback that celebrates students and gives specific suggestions on how to improve. 
  • Become data-driven by reviewing our Insights Writing Data and developing tasks that target specific skills and standards.

How it works:

Select a writing task from our writing practice library or easily create your own assignment using one of our standards-based rubrics. We offer argument, informative, and narrative writing assignments. Since we auto-grade, you can assign writing more often, giving students the opportunity to improve their writing skills. You can release the grade and feedback when you are ready.
Quest Reading Universe Includes...

Powerful Lesson Design

Unlock our collection of teacher-curated lessons designed to empower educators in cultivating dynamic, student-centered classrooms. These resources facilitate authentic discussions around articles, poems, and short stories, fostering an environment where ideas flourish. Each lesson is meticulously crafted to integrate structured learning routines, harnessing the power of close reading, academic discourse, critical thinking, collaboration, and writing skills.

With Teacher-Driven Lessons, you can...
  • Engage students in a multi-day lesson that explicitly teach reading, speaking, and writing skills
  • Confidently deliver standards-based instruction with step-by-step teacher moves.
  • Differentiate instruction for the diverse learning needs in the classroom with EL Connections, Discussion Prompts, Language Frames, Text Summaries, Text Leveling, and Lesson Enhancements.
  • Enjoy classroom-ready handouts and learning tools that help students identify words, people, events, and phrases that are unfamiliar.
  • Know when to have students "Pause and Discuss" the text with built-in discussion prompts to help students deepen their reading comprehension.  
  • Facilitate text-dependent writing tasks that ask students to analyze a text and integrate textual evidence into original writing.

How it works:

Choose a multi-day lesson that fits your curriculum or a Thematic Unit that includes Teacher-Driven Lessons, writing tasks, reading practice, and listening practice around a singular issue. Assign a lesson to a class and give your students instant access to the text.
Quest Reading Universe Includes...

Assess Reading 

Continuously assess students' reading abilities with our embedded reading assessments. Students assess while they learn. It's magical! Get real-time reading data when you need it. Stop waiting for an arbitrary testing window to open. Our data is always current and available.

With Reading Assessments, you can...
  • Auto-grade close reading standards for the first time. We do not have multiple choice questions because the world doesn't offer solutions in the form of multiple choice. Instead, students are asked to identify text evidence by highlighting information or identifying key terms, similar to how teachers teach reading in the classroom.
  • Provide specific feedback in real-time to students, increasing their ability to learn and grow as readers.
  • Motivate students with second chance opportunities ensuring learning happens in the moment.

How it works:

Our reading assessments are seamlessly integrated into our lessons, benefiting everyone involved. Students remain engaged without enduring lengthy tests. You save precious instructional time as we effortlessly gather valuable reading data. Plus, students enhance their reading skills as we consistently evaluate and communicate their progress.
Ink Writing Universe Includes...

Assess Writing

Kick off the school year by administering a baseline writing assessment. No need to stress about grading it yourself—especially in those hectic first weeks. We'll gladly take care of the grading for you. Afterward, we'll provide you with comprehensive data on your students' writing abilities. Armed with this insight, you can tailor your instruction to address specific writing skills from day one. Imagine the advantage! And as the year progresses, you can track your students' growth by assigning mid-year and end-of-year assessments.

With Writing Assessments, you can...
  • Offer writing assessments 2-3 times annually to support professional teams like PLCs and grade-level teams in making data-driven decisions.
  • Instantly auto-grade essays and provide real-time results along with valuable feedback.
  • Shift focus towards coaching writing rather than spending excessive time on evaluation.
  • Delight in reading your students' writing without the burden of grading.
  • Utilize data effectively to address the unique writing needs of each class confidently.

How it works:

Begin the school year with a baseline writing assessment tailored to your preferences. Whether you opt for one from our extensive library, craft a new assessment, or rely on a trusted favorite, the choice is yours. Simply select or create the assessment and assign it to your class. That's it! Instantly access results, enabling your students to benefit from our detailed feedback and user-friendly rubrics right away.

EdTech Digest Awards Best Literacy Solution!

Literacy Geeks (our parent company) is pleased to announce that our adaptive reading programs were named as a top finalist for Best New Product and Best Literacy Solution for 2020. Our reading programs continue to lead the way in reading instruction and assessment.  
Susan, GA
“All students should be doing Literacy Chops. The students at my high school need explicit literacy instruction. Literacy Chops is the whole package. You get engaging online practice that students like to do. You get reading lessons and curriculum. And teachers can respond to their reading data with a dynamic set of literacy curriculum. Thank you for creating this!”
Tina, FL
“Our results for this year's ELA state test were the best we've EVER had!! We had 27% of our students score high enough to move out of Intensive Reading classes. We are over the moon!! A full year of Literacy Chops made all the difference.”

Strong pedagogy is the difference

Literacy Chops utilizes effective teaching methods, draws from research on adolescent literacy, and incorporates classroom best practices to provide exceptional reading experiences that elevate the quality of teaching and learning. Through a focused, skill-oriented pedagogical approach, students can cultivate essential reading, speaking, and writing skills crucial for success in both academic and real-world contexts. Our established pedagogical methods play a pivotal role in fostering a supportive literacy culture, instilling confidence, and sparking enthusiasm in students.

Get More Instructional Time

Evaluate students in real-time as they engage in practice, eliminating the need for lengthy, multi-day exams. This approach ensures that instructional time is maximized, allowing students to continuously learn and progress.

Keep Minds On

Keep students' minds actively involved. In the event of an incorrect answer, students can delve into understanding their mistake, enabling them to learn from errors and make corrections—an approach that aligns with the natural inclination of the brain.

Build Confidence

Explicitly teach skills and students will feel more capable and intelligent as they read and write. Our platform operates on a foundation of respect, recognizing the innate intelligence of students and their ability to tackle challenging tasks.

Develop Skills that Transfer

Teach essential reading and writing skills, along with academic routines, that extend to various academic tasks and subjects. The literacy skills we teach help students become independent and strategic readers and writers.

Read and Write Authentically

At the core of our approach is the creation of genuine reading and writing experiences that mimic effective classroom instruction and lesson design. Students are asked to think and they love it.

Have Fun and Enjoy Literacy

Cultivate a dynamic learning environment through collaborative routines, high expectations, and compelling content. The result is a fun atmosphere characterized by curiosity, critical thinking, and happiness.

Free Online Reading Program

Learn more about the five essential components of Literacy Chops.

  • Forever-FREE account for teachers and students
  • Weekly practice of deep reading comprehension skills
  • Reading routines that build confidence, skills, and knowledge
  • Engaging, high-interest texts
  • Transferable skills that give greater access to curriculum
  • Reading experiences that teach critical, independent thinking
Fun and engaging reading & writing programs for every grade level 3-12.
Immediate, personalized feedback and goals for students.
Clear, actionable data to support reading & writing instruction.
Engaging, standards-based instruction that promotes critical and analytical thinking.
Data dashboards that ensure classroom teachers have the information they need to effectively monitor students and respond quickly to their needs.
Fun and Engaging Reading and Writing Programs for Grades 3-12

Revolutionary, Research-Based Learning Engines

Literacy Geeks created diverse learning platforms designed to provide students with the most captivating and personalized learning journey imaginable!