Increase Achievement
with a 

reading & writing program for high school

Ensure students have the opportunity to master deep reading comprehension skills and college-level, text-dependent writing skills

Amplify Literacy Skills!

Close opportunity gaps by increasing access to quality reading and writing practice
Increase confidence with explicit, skill-based lessons
Engage students in rigorous reading and writing tasks
Differentiate support and instruction
Teach transferable skills
Push students to think like readers and writers

Strong pedagogy is the difference

Literacy Chops utilizes effective teaching methods, draws from research on adolescent literacy, and incorporates classroom best practices to provide exceptional reading experiences that elevate the quality of teaching and learning. Through a focused, skill-oriented pedagogical approach, students can cultivate essential reading, speaking, and writing skills crucial for success in both academic and real-world contexts. Our established pedagogical methods play a pivotal role in fostering a supportive literacy culture, instilling confidence, and sparking enthusiasm in students.

Get More Instructional Time

Evaluate students in real-time as they engage in practice, eliminating the need for lengthy, multi-day exams. This approach ensures that instructional time is maximized, allowing students to continuously learn and progress.

Keep Minds On

Keep students' minds actively involved. In the event of an incorrect answer, students can delve into understanding their mistake, enabling them to learn from errors and make corrections—an approach that aligns with the natural inclination of the brain.

Build Confidence

Explicitly teach skills and students will feel more capable and intelligent as they read and write. Our platform operates on a foundation of respect, recognizing the innate intelligence of students and their ability to tackle challenging tasks.

Develop Skills that Transfer

Teach essential reading and writing skills, along with academic routines, that extend to various academic tasks and subjects. The literacy skills we teach help students become independent and strategic readers and writers.

Read and Write Authentically

At the core of our approach is the creation of genuine reading and writing experiences that mimic effective classroom instruction and lesson design. Students are asked to think and they love it.

Have Fun and Enjoy Literacy

Cultivate a dynamic learning environment through collaborative routines, high expectations, and compelling content. The result is a fun atmosphere characterized by curiosity, critical thinking, and happiness.

Student-Centered Reading Lessons

Students actively participate in adaptive reading lessons, known as Quests, 2-3 times a week.

  • Demonstrate real reading knowledge by identifying text-evidence, enhancing critical thinking and analytical reading skills.
  • Empower students with reader-like questioning, improving comprehension and fostering analytical, thoughtful reading.
  • Teach skills explicitly, with hands-on practice using authentic texts for a practical learning experience.
  • Increase text-dependent writing opportunities each week, reinforcing understanding through written expression.

Teacher-Driven Reading Lessons

Classroom teachers can select from a library of reading lessons to:

  • Explicitly teach reading and writing skills.
  • Facilitate small group reading instruction.
  • Deepen understanding of critical content.
  • Engage students in authentic conversations about text.

Reading Assessments

Diagnostic Reading Assessment

Diagnostic reading scores are released at the end of Season 1 (or once 12 Quests have been completed). The result: continuous learning, no time wasted, and valuable reading data for educators!

Growth Reading Assessments

Growth assessments track students' progress with two assessments per season, providing valuable formative insights throughout the year.

Mastery Reading Assessments

Each Season concludes with a Mastery skills report that shows growth between Seasons. On average, students grow 0.38 grade levels per Season. Students can take up to eight Seasons per year.

Write More with Instant Feedback

Quindew's Ink Universe delivers a dynamic writing experience where students are coached how to strengthen their writing during each step in our research-based writing process. 

Ink teaches students how to proofread their writing and identify grammatical mistakes before submitting their final draft.

On turn in, students receive instant feedback, rubric scores, and writing lessons that help students grow as writers while enhancing writing instruction.

Common Writing Assessments

We simplify common writing assessments, making them more accessible, and deliver powerful data to inform instruction!

Real-Time Data

With our AI language model, we deliver timely feedback on students' writing skills. This immediate feedback is more effective in helping students grow as writers.

Track Progress

We ensure educators can track individual student progress over time so that teachers can facilitate targeted interventions and personalized instruction.

Feedback & Goals

Our personalized feedback engages students in higher-level thinking as they evaluate their strengths and work toward achieving specific writing goals.

Targeted Instruction

With our Insight Data, teachers can easily analyze results, identify gaps, review student goals and clearly understand where to go with writing instruction.

Equity and Fairness

Our process mitigates potential bias and subjectivity, allowing for more equitable evaluations and reducing disparities among students.

Teachers as Coaches

When teachers have access to authentic writing data, they can spend more time coaching and developing powerful writing lessons and less time evaluating!

EdTech Digest Awards Best Literacy Solution!

Literacy Geeks (our parent company) are pleased to announce that our adaptive reading programs were named as a top finalist for Best New Product and Best Literacy Solution for 2020. Our reading programs continue to lead the way in reading instruction and assessment.  
All students should be doing Literacy Chops. The students at my high school need explicit literacy instruction. Literacy Chops is the whole package. You get engaging online practice that students like to do. You get reading lessons and curriculum. And teachers can respond to their reading data with a dynamic set of literacy curriculum. Thank you for creating this!  -  Susan, GA

Literacy Chops closes the opportunity gap 

Students need weekly reading and writing practice. They must learn how to read in different disciplines and attack texts in different ways. Text and task complexity gets harder with each and every year of high school. College writing tasks with text-analysis is even more challenging. It's not enough to assign tasks associated with reading. Students need to read with purpose and master essential reading and writing skills so they can begin to use them independently. Literacy Chops delivers these critical skills directly to your students.

Lift all students up!

Differentiate instruction with instant feedback, delivering engaging reading and writing lessons.
Boost confidence, offer personalized support, and provide second chance opportunities.
Teach with an assets lens, offering positive feedback for happy, engaged, students.

Fun Online Literacy Program

Learn more about the five essential components of Literacy Chops.

  • Forever-FREE account for teachers and students
  • Reading data for classroom teachers and districts
  • Reading and writing practice all year
  • Curriculum Pack to enhance instruction and target reading and writing gaps
  • Professional learning for effective implementation
20 minute reading lessons with powerful support
2 lessons/week = 1,440 EXTRA reading minutes/year
Autopilot keeps students on-track with notifications
Receive weekly performance reports
Engage students with positive messaging and celebrations!
Literacy Chops delivers an exceptional literacy program that sharpens students’ academic skills.